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We're Gary and Kim, photographers, designers, and business builders.

Hopelessly in love with each other and the lives we're building.  Passionate about spreading the love and helping you achieve the same.

Boy from Wales, meets girl from Canada and together they create a life they love.

Here's our story - we met, despite living in separate countries by a complete twist of fate that led Gary to help a friend at the same wedding show where Kim had a booth.  Gary scoped her out and said she's "right up my street" and 18 months later, multiple flights, over 50 000 miles, Gary sold his photography company, house and just about everything else and moved from the UK to Ontario, Canada.

We had to completely rebuild his business in Canada, sold our decorating and floral design business, rejigged the photography, built Pop Up Weddings, a wedding subscription box, I Do Box.....
When I say we're serious business builders, we're not lying.

With every business move, we analize + plan + move forward.  We release what is not profitable and focus on the projects that are making bank.

That's our story - we are serial creators.  And you get two for the price of one.  We're a dynamic team, each with individual strengths that we can use to supercharge your business.  Gary is a technical whiz, anything photography we got you.  Kim is a marketing, systems and logistics queen.  She'll figure out how to make it work, attack any issues like a pitbull and cheer you on while you reach your biggest goals.

We're ready to help you.  Right now.


Never without

Coffee and
a Camera

favorite TRAVEL memory

F1 in Abu Dhabi

probably listening to


cocktail order

Classic Margarita or
Ice Cold Beer


Enneagram 8w9

Never without

Bright lipstick + notebook

favorite TRAVEL memory

our Wedding in

probably listening to

A Dateline Podcast

cocktail order

Prosecco or 
Spicy Margarita


Enneagram 8w7, obvs.

let's do this thing

Did We Just Become Best Friends?

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